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  Access Consciouness - Access Bars

The Access Bars ® are 32 points on the head, which are individually assigned to certain areas of life. They lie above the brain areas in which our thoughts, feelings and emotions in these areas of life are processed. Our brain works with electrical impulses. When things strain us, put us under stress, or otherwise keep us busy, our brain works in a very high frequency range. Often it is stored limits that keep us from living the way we want and from being the person we really want and can be, which often work unnoticed by us, or trigger such a carousel of thoughts.


These limitations:

  • Beliefs we have about ourselves, others and the world

  • Expectations that we have of ourselves and others, or that we believe others will have of us

  • Assessments of what is right or wrong, good or bad

  • Projections from others that we believe to be our truth, everything that we have ever believed to be true and immutable, thus create increased electrical charges in the brain.

By gently touching the bars, they can be activated and discharge the electrical voltage from the brain areas below.

As a result, the brain comes to rest completely, as it descends into a very low frequency range and thus into a very pleasant state of relaxation. This can also lead to a great relief and dissolution of such inner self-limitations with regard to one's own issues in various areas of life.

Without these limitations, things that previously seemed impossible can suddenly become completely natural, as if they had always been so. Unimagined new possibilities open up!
And this is how a truly self-determined life can only become possible.

"What can I be, do, have, create and generate that would improve my life and the world? What can I perceive, know and be that would make life worth living?" Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciouness

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