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Tom Bowen
Tom Bowen
Tom Bowen

Development of the Bowen-Technique

Tom Bowen developed the method known today as Bowen® technology in Geelong, Victoria / Australia. After serving in World War II, Bowen's interest in alleviating the pain of suffering people grew. He noticed that certain manual movements and grips had a special effect on certain parts of the body.

Tom Bowen was convinced that functional disorders of the body resulted from disorders in the tissue. Initiating structural and related functional integration of this dynamic system is therefore the key to the effectiveness of Bowen® of the original Bowen® technology.

Tom Bowen developed his method, as it is practiced today, without training in the field of health care: he attributed his therapeutic work to a gift from God. Tom Bowen finally opened his own full-day clinic. A Victorian government survey of alternative occupational medicine in 1975 found that Tom Bowen treated approximately 13,000 clients per year (based on a 27-week period).

In 1974, Tom Bowen invited Mr. Oswald Rentsch and his wife Elaine to study his method for the next two and a half years. Until then, Tom Bowen had no notes, graphics, or manuals about his work.

Under his leadership, the Rentsch couple observed and documented the Bowen® technology. This documentation was then recognized by Tom Bowen himself and also by his assistant, Ms. Rene Horwood, and authorized as a truthful reproduction of the original Bowen® technology. It was agreed that the Rentsch couple would only teach the technique after Tom Bowen's death.

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